Caprica (2009)

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Caprica (2009)


Caprica differs significantly from its parent series, for both creative and commercial reasons. Ronald D. Moore had strong feelings on the matter, explaining that his starting point was, " don't try to repeat the formula," and going on to say, "...everything about Caprica was designed specifically to not repeat what we had done in Galactica." Although a critical success, Galactica had a predominantly male audience, and both Moore and the network felt the "war in space" backdrop was a major deterrent to female viewers. With these considerations, and Caprica's storyline already focused on events taking place prior to the two Cylon Wars, the series has a different tone, content, and style. While Caprica contains references to elements of the Battlestar universe, the series was intended to be accessible to new fans.

Genre: Action, Drama, Science Fiction

Actors: Alessandra Torresani, Eric Stoltz, Magda Apanowicz, Esai Morales, Panou, Paula Malcomson, Sasha Roiz, Polly Walker, Hiro Kanagawa, Brian Markinson, Jim Thomson, Sina Najafi, Genevieve Buechner, Scott Porter, John Pyper-ferguson, Alex Arsenault, Liam Sproule, Hannah

Creator: Remi Aubuchon, Ronald D. Moore