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Nasaan Ka Elisa? (Where Are You, Elisa?) is a teleserye of ABS-CBN, a Philippine remake of the Chilean 2009 drama Donde esta Elisa? (later remade in United States in 2010), top billed by Melissa Ricks.


Elisa, (Melissa Ricks) is a beautiful and rich teenager and the eldest daughter of Mariano (Albert Martinez) and Dana Altamira (Agot Isidro). She is the perfect daughter, but little does her parents know that she is not who they thought she was and she kept a secret personality that they never knew of. One night, after Mariano's party, Elisa insisted her father to go out with her younger sister, Cristine (Isabella De Leon) and her cousins, Santi (Franco Daza) and Eduardo (Aldred Gatchalian). They go to a local club where there is a party being held there. The three, except Elisa soon get drunk. When Dana and Vivian (Mickey Ferriols) come to fetch them, they see that they are drunk and find out that Elisa is now missing. The investigators, Cristobal (Joem Bascon) and Giselle (Desiree Del Valle) investigate the mysterious indecent and they manage to list down names of people who might have possibly kidnapped Elisa, including her family members (aunts, uncles, cousins), her friends and classmates. The investigators then went to the places where Elisa used to go to, to try and solve the mystery. Will they find where Elisa is? Who is the one who kidnapped Elisa? Will the mystery behind the disappearance of Elisa be revealed?

Cast and Characters
Melissa Ricks as Elisa Altamira
Albert Martinez as Mariano Altamira
Agot Isidro as Dana Altamira
Eric Fructuoso as Bruno De Silva
Vina Morales as Cecile Altamira-Caceres

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