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August 17, 2012. Daniel together with Katerina, Virginia Cruz and Luisa ran away from the authorities. Luisa then brought Daniel, Katerina and Virginia at her old house. Upon their arrival to Luisa's old house, they were all surprised that the house is so messy. Later that time, Luisa together with Virginia and Daniel then had a conversation wherein Daniel tried convincing Virginia and Luisa to go back home so that they won't get involved anymore. Virginia and Luisa, on the other hand, finally decided to be with Katerina and Daniel because they both wanted to protect them. Meanwhile, at the Guidotti's residence, the authorities came and informed the Montenegro family that they failed to see Daniel at the address given by the informant. The authorities also informed the Montenegro family who are the possible persons with Daniel in Legaspi wherein Nathan is sure that the twenty year old woman is his wife, Katerina. Nathan then decided to go after Katerina and Daniel but Margaret strongly disagreed. Margaret tried to convince Nathan not to go after where Katerina and Daniel is because he is not yet well. Margaret then asked Kenneth to go to Legaspi and talk to the informant.
Later that time, Nathan had a conversation with Johanna Montenegro (Melissa Ricks) wherein Nathan is very mad at Johanna. Johanna is against Nathan's idea, making Daniel as the one responsible of stabbing Nathan. Johanna then told Nathan that she can not risk Daniel's life just to cover up Nathan's insanity.

Walang Hanggan August 17 2012 Episode - Part 1

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